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Guiding Principles for Wetland Stewardship and Forest Management Practitioner Guide

Publication Type: Guidebook

Author: Ducks Unlimited Canada in collaboration with the Forest Management and Wetland Stewardship Initiative

Date: May 2019

Guiding Principles for Wetland Stewardship and Forest ManagementWhat is it?

The Guiding Principles for Wetland Stewardship and Forest Management Practitioner Guide is a user-friendly overview of the interactions between boreal wetlands and forests and what these interactions mean for forest managers working in Canada’s boreal. The guide presents guiding principles for wetland stewardship and planning considerations for avoiding and minimizing adverse effects to wetlands.

Who is it for?

This practitioner guide is aimed at forestry professionals involved in forest management planning at the highest level, but may also be applicable to other forestry professionals in a range of positions. Additionally, this resource is suitable for audiences looking for an overview of key topics. Detailed descriptions and supporting literature can be found in the associated Technical Report.

About the guide

More than two-thirds of Canada’s boreal forest is covered by aquatic ecosystems including wetlands, lakes, rivers and streams. Boreal wetlands provide a wealth of ecological, social, and economic benefits that are important to society as well as the forest industry.

There is increasing evidence that wetlands and upland forests are interdependent. Because of these connections, sustainable forest management is key to supporting healthy wetland habitats, and healthy wetlands are key to sustaining productive upland forests.

The information in the Guide is intended to assist forest managers in achieving improved wetland stewardship by:

  1. Building an enhanced understanding of wetlands in the Canadian boreal plains and their value to the forest sector and society as a whole
  2. Describing the interactions between wetlands, upland forests, and forest management
  3. Establishing wetland stewardship principles, objectives, and planning considerations that will result in positive environmental outcomes
  4. Providing practices and tools to consider during forest management planning to help avoid or minimize adverse effects to wetlands

For more information and supporting literature for all topics covered in the practitioner guide, refer to the Technical Report.

The Guiding Principles for Wetland Stewardship and Forest Management Practitioner Guide is a product of the FMWSI, a collaboration between Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc., Canfor, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), Millar Western Forest Products Ltd., Tolko Industries Ltd., West Fraser, and Weyerhaeuser Company.