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The FMWSI is a partnership between Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc., Canfor, the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), Millar Western Forest Products Ltd., Tolko Industries Ltd., West Fraser, and Weyerhaeuser Company to advance wetland stewardship in the boreal forest through sustainable forest management.


Forest sector leading the way to boreal wetland conservation

Wetlands, in various forms, are an important component of Canada’s commercial forest zone and provide both the forest industry and society a variety of ecological goods and services (e.g. food, water, timber, air purification, soil formation and pollination).

There is increasing interest in water and wetland conservation which is being reflected in existing and emerging wetland related policies, forest certification standards, and forest management practices. The forest sector has taken a lead role in advancing sustainable forestry and best management practices across Canada. DUC has spear-headed multiple wetland conservation initiatives and views the forest sector as a critical and leading industry to ensure wetlands remain a healthy component of Canada’s working boreal forest today and into the future.  The FMWSI is an innovative approach to advance shared wetland and waterfowl stewardship goals by working together and leveraging resources.

Projects and objectives

Under the FMWSI, partners identify projects of potential interest and then select, by consensus, priority projects to concentrate efforts on. Three priority projects of mutual interest were selected to be completed over a three year term (2016-2018) and three additional projects are being considered for future development.

The objectives of these projects are to:

  1. Advance sustainable forest management,
  2. Establish guiding principles and best management practices to conserve wetlands and waterfowl in forest management planning and operations, and
  3. Complement provincial forest management planning requirements and the needs of forest certification programs.

Projects in active development are:

  1. Incidental Take Best Management Practices Guide for Waterfowl,
  2. Guiding Principles to Conserve Wetlands for Forest Management, and
  3. Guide to Wetland BMPs for Forest Management – Planning and Operating Practices.

Projects pending development include:

  1. Wetland BMPs – developing, implementing and evaluating operating practices
  2. Boreal Wetlands Training
  3. Boreal Wetland Carbon Storage Mapping

We are seeking additional partners for pending projects. If you or your organization would like to become involved in one or more of these projects, please contact us.


Working together for a bright future in Canada’s boreal

DUC would like to thank partner companies and their representatives for contributing their time, expertise, and resources to this initiative. We believe that we can all achieve more by working together so we invite individuals and organizations who would like to learn more and get involved in the future of the FWMSI to contact DUC or partner companies for more information.

Contact us

For more information on the FMWSI, contact the DUC boreal program at