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Approximately 138 million acres (55 million hectares) of Canada’s boreal has been placed into protection. Much of this was created by partnerships between environmental organizations, governments, Indigenous Peoples and industry. The governments in Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario have made conservation commitments of nearly 414 million acres (167 million hectares) in the boreal region. These commitments support the development of land use plans for protection and sustainability.

DUC believes protected areas should maintain the integrity of the boreal ecosystem, while allowing Indigenous Peoples to practise their cultural traditions. Supporting sustainable development through land use planning is equally important. All of these approaches are needed to maintain the boreal in perpetuity.

Old Crow Flats, Yukon

Pink Lake Representative Area Ecological Reserve, Saskatchewan

This ecological reserve is one of the largest provincially designated protected areas in Saskatchewan, covering approximately 865,000 acres (350,000 hectares). It is part of the Saskatchewan Representative Area Network; specifically, the Misinipiy Integrated Land Use Plan.

Red Deer Lake Wildlife Management Area, Manitoba

This wildlife management area in the boreal plains of Manitoba encompasses all five major wetland types. It provides food and shelter for some of the highest numbers of breeding waterfowl in the western boreal. The fen and bog complexes of Plumbers Marsh is an important staging area for migrating waterfowl. The area also includes the Bog Range boreal woodland caribou herd, which is a threatened species in Canada.

Sahtu Land Use Planning Process, Northwest Territories

Approximately seven million acres (three million hectares) have been designated as conservation zones by the Sahtu Land Use Plan. These conservation zones protect existing natural areas and include important waterfowl habitats.

Lower Athabasca Regional Plan, Alberta

This was one of the first of seven land-use plans initiated in Alberta. Approved in August 2012, the plan is a comprehensive roadmap to enhance environmental management, address growth pressures and support economic development. Protection designations fall into three categories – provincial parks, conservation areas and recreation/tourism development. DUC was on the planning advisory committee and will continue to be involved as implementation occurs.