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Canada’s boreal forest is a vast landscape of over 1.3 billion acres. While this area is largely undeveloped, the industrial footprint is growing. Industrial activities include forestry, power generation and transmission, oil and gas, pipelines, mining (hard rock mining, placer mining), horticultural peat harvesting and seismic.

The impact of development can reach far beyond a local operation. People in the boreal rely on industry for employment, and depend on responsible practices to help take care of the land.

Science-based conservation tools are helping industry minimize their impacts on wildlife and wetland quantity, quality and hydrology. Collaboratively developed best management practices are helping reduce wetland fragmentation and degradation caused by roads, pipelines and seismic lines.

Some of DUC’s largest conservation successes in the boreal forest have come from partnering with companies that are pursuing sustainability. Together we develop practical solutions to conserve the boreal’s water, soil and habitat. It’s about finding the best way to get the job done.