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Wetlands support biodiversity by providing diverse habitats for waterfowl and other wildlife. These landscapes help mitigate climate change and flooding. They improve water quality and maintain the hydrology — or water flow — in periods of drought. We use wetlands for activities like boating, fishing, swimming and hiking.

Boreal wetlands play an important role in regulating global climate. The cool boreal climate slows decomposition of organic matter, such as trees, grasses and mosses. The accumulated layers turn into peatlands over the span of thousands of years. According to the Geological Survey of Canada, the peat in Canada’s wetlands stores almost 60 percent of all the carbon stored in soils across the country.

Wetlands store water and slowly release it into lakes and rivers. This process filters our water, keeping it clean for drinking and outdoor recreation. Many important species, such as caribou, waterfowl and other migratory birds, rely on wetlands for food and shelter.

By conducting comprehensive wetland inventories and research, we will improve our knowledge of wetland systems their geographic reach.


Wetlands of the Boreal Plains

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