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Flexible Solutions

When you need to manage natural resources to achieve long-term environmental, social, and economic goals for all who live and work in the boreal, you need flexible solutions. Our flexible approach will help you achieve your short and long-term goals. 

The boreal program works to achieve sustainable land use by informing and engaging in government policy and programs. We also work to inform specific industry operating guidelines, standards and practices. We engage in land-use planning processes, promoting the use of GIS, remote sensing, and spatial analysis technologies and best management practices as mechanisms for developing sustainable land use plans. We use a science-based approach to develop recommendations and engage in knowledge transfer to share our wetlands and waterfowl experience and expertise.



Resource Roads and Wetlands Project

DUC worked with Louisiana-Pacific Canada, Weyerhaeuser Canada, Spruce Products Ltd. and FPInnovations, with funding from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, to launch the Roads and Wetlands Project in Manitoba. The goal was to build wetland roads that minimize impacts on wetland hydrology. An operational guide and national handbook were created to help foresters build better wetland crossings in the boreal.

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Forest Management and Wetland Stewardship Initiative (FMWSI)

DUC is working with Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc., Canfor, Millar Western Forest Products Ltd., Tolko Industries Ltd., West Fraser, Weyerhaeuser Company and the Forest Products Association of Canada to share knowledge and resources that will integrate wetland and waterfowl conservation into ongoing forest management planning and field operations.

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