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DUC’s national boreal program uses a science-based approach to better understand boreal ecosystems, address conservation challenges and meet conservation goals.

We work with governments, industry, Indigenous Peoples, academics and other interested stakeholders. Together, we find science-based conservation solutions relating to boreal wetlands, waterfowl and other wetland dependent species.

The boreal program supports the development and implementation of:

We believe in managing natural resources to achieve long-term environmental, social and economic goals. Protecting the ecological integrity of the boreal is key to the sustainability of its communities. The boreal’s natural wealth supports the culture of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples. It contributes to national and international economies by supporting thousands of jobs. The boreal forest also delivers the ecological goods and services that all Canadians benefit from.

Protected Areas

Creating a network of protected areas in the boreal helps maintain biodiversity and ecosystem function. When DUC launched its boreal program, only four per cent of the boreal forest was under permanent protection. By January 2017, nearly 14 per cent of the land base had been protected.

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Sustainable Land Use

Promoting and supporting sustainable land use is an important strategy for boreal wetland and waterfowl conservation. DUC recognizes that large parts of the boreal are working forests. We are committed to collaborating with industry, governments, Indigenous Peoples and other stakeholders to meet conservation needs while balancing economic benefits and social values.

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Canada has a tremendous opportunity to be proactive in conserving boreal forest wetlands. While largely intact, the boreal is increasingly impacted by climate change and the pressures of development. By creating policies to conserve boreal wetlands now, Canada has an opportunity to be a global leader in wetland conservation.

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DUC believes in planning, evaluating and adapting our conservation programs using the best research available. Science is how we maximize our conservation efforts. It is our way of being accountable to partners and supporters.

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