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National Boreal Program
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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DUC’s national boreal program is a recognized leader in wetland conservation and are uniquely positioned to share expertise and to help provide solutions. By sharing knowledge, we extend our reach and provide people with tools and information to make better decisions when working in and around boreal wetlands. We deliver extension, communication and education programs that promote boreal wetland conservation, including facilitation of the Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange - a platform to share updates, webinars, and research with subscribers.

About the Knowledge Exchange

The Knowledge Exchange’s purpose is a venue for sharing and exchanging information about boreal wetland and waterfowl best management practices (BMPs) with industry, Indigenous Peoples, government, academia, consulting, conservation organizations, and other interested subscribers through a monthly newsletter and a monthly webinar series. The goal of the Knowledge Exchange is to increase information transfer, foster collaboration, and increase trust and transparency amongst these groups.

Knowledge exchange is also about learning from others. We encourage engagement and contributions from other organizations. If you have ideas, research results, or articles you’d like to share, we want to hear from you.