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Waterfowl of the Boreal Forest

Publication Type: Book

Author: Mack, G. and D. Morrison (eds)

Date: 2006

`Every fall, the sky over North America fills with ducks, geese, and swans. Many of these birds were hatched in the boreal forest of Canada and Alaska. Even more of these birds used the boreal habitats to moult, grow, or migrate through to the south. It is to the marshes of California, the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and bottom-land timber of the Mississippi Delta where many of these birds are headed. Boreal Canada and Alaska are linked together with 49 southern states as a corridor of habitat for waterfowl.

Mack, G. and D. Morrison (eds). 2006. Waterfowl of the Boreal Forest. Ducks Unlimited Canada, 108 pp.

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