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Are you operating or planning to operate in an area of the western boreal region with abundant wetlands? Are you in need of wetland data to support sustainable land-use decisions or other conservation initiatives? The Enhanced Wetland Classification can help.

Through our GIS and Remote Sensing services, DUC has mapped and inventoried large areas of the Canadian Western Boreal region in collaboration with our partners. Many EWC inventories have already been completed, information can be requested below and data may be provided in the future under varying data use or licensing agreements.   

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EWC product features: 

  • Detailed wetland classification raster datasets developed at a 10 or 30-metre spatial resolution; 
  • Up to 19 boreal wetland classes (depending on the region) in alignment with the Canadian Wetland Classification System (CWCS; 5 major wetland classes); 
  • Our wetland classifications are developed and validated using helicopterbased field surveys; 
  • EWC is used as a baseline for our inferred products (e.g., water flow characteristics, soil moisture content, nutrient status); 
  • EWC can be used to support various analyses such as biodiversity habitat assessments, species modelling (e.g., waterfowl, caribou, bison), wetland subsurface carbon storage modelling, or spatial prioritization for conservation planning. 

The map below shows all completed EWC mapped areas in Canada’s Western boreal region. Click the map image below to zoom into a specific area.

To request information on EWC maps and products click the button below and complete the form on the following page.  

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